Monday, April 28, 2014


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Lou:  Beautiful girl, beautiful light, and some attempts at flying.  Second to the kitchen, I'd say our room is the next "hub" of our home.  I try to keep it tidy and don't let the kids things find homes in our room, but we all hang out in my (and hubby) room a lot.  I love when we all pile on the bed to watch a movie or snuggle on Sunday mornings and I enjoy letting the girls jump and play on my bed now and again.

Boo:  I can't take any credit for this picture.  Emmy (my 4 year old) took this one.  When I was loading picture on the computer and saw this I was in love.  Emmy captured her free spirited little sister her favorite dress up outfit (yes, that top piece is a baby slip).

Sue:  I've posted so many of her adorable little feet lately I thought it time to post some of her cute little face.  I just loved this look she gave me when I was trying to take pictures the other day.  She looks so grown up...and pretty much things she is.  

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  1. Oh my...
    Magic photographs :) Full of joy, beautiful light and tender b&w.

  2. these are fabulous! i love them, so great to find you via the 52 project, i am going to link to you this week as my favourite xx

  3. wow. That picture of Emmy is stunning. Well, all three pictures are stunning. You are one talented chica and it sounds like Emmy is following right in your footsteps